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Hurricane Dorian

We typically do not put a new blog so soon to the last one, but as Hurricane Dorian bears down on the US, we have boarded up our condo at Carolina Beach and headed back to our home in Rougemont, NC. It is always  best to be prepared ahead of the hurricane.  in 1996, with a 2 year old and a 4 month old, Hurricane Fran roared through central North Carolina.  We are 180 miles from the coast but had massive damage.  22 trees down and no power for 2 weeks.  Thank God for friends that got power back on and let us move in with them.  A few things we learned.  After a hurricane, it is hot, humid, and the mosquitoes are ridiculous.  Prepare now and if it completely misses us, we will be thankful.  If it doesn't miss us, we will feel much better knowing we have things ready.

Hurricane Preparing: Have cash on hand.If power goes out, your debit/credit card will not work Fill up your car.As the storm gets closer, prices may rise and stations may run out of gas Have non perishable food and plen…