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Finally Fall Y’all - Be prepared

As cooler weather finally gets here, there are some things to do.

Next weekend daylight savings ends so we Fall Back. It’s the best time to check your smoke detectors throughout your home and change the batteries. Did you know that if you have any gas source in your home (heat, hot water, stove) or an attached garage, you should have a smoke/CO2 detector instead of just a smoke detector.

Now is the time to insulate your water lines. Outside spigots can be protected by wrapping insulation around the hose bib or purchasing a hose bib protector. Other things to think about is a sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems have a back flow preventer valve that will need to be insulated or removed and that line protected. We personally learned this the hard way when we thought we had thought of everything and I came home one day to find our side yard completely flooded where the back flow preventer had frozen and then burst.

If you haven’t turned your heat on yet, it’s time to do that to make sure …