The crapper

Yep, you can dress the best and make loads of money, but when something is going on with the crapper, you want some help.
If a home for sale has a septic system, the buyer should always get a septic inspection.  The inspector  will look at the tank and drain field to determine if the septic is functioning properly and the tank has no leaks. A $500-$800 dollar inspection could literally save you thousands in the long run if there is something wrong with the septic, a buyer would want to know that in the due diligence period so that if the seller refused to repair it, the buyer could walk.
Personally, I had a home that I was listing and when I called the county to get the septic info, I was told that the septic permit had been turned over to the state   I was like...what?!?!?!!!  Thankfully, it only costs my seller about 5K to get it in compliance with the state but he was told it could cost up to 40K.
Moral to the story. Do not buy a For Sale By Owner without your own Realtor. If they refuse to pay your Realtor’s fee and you can’t pay the fee, walk away. The second moral to the story is ALWAYS inspect.
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